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The Stars' Songs
Many of you have asked for the names of the girl-group-style songs recorded by TV stars (and those who achieved fame in other arenas of music later on), so we're compiling them for you. Here is what we've found so far.

I'll Be Yours
    by Karen Carpenter
(of the 70s musical group the Carpenters)
    1966, Magic Lamp Records

CherDream Baby
    by Cherilyn (Cher)
    1965, Imperial

Oo-Wee Baby
    by Doris Day
(movie star and on TV's "The Doris Day Show")
    1964, CBS Records

DonnaHe's So Near
    by Donna Douglas
(on TV's "Beverly Hillbillies")
    1965?, Arlen Records

Linda EvansNew Love
    by Linda Evans
(on TV's "Dynasty")
According to most reports, this song was sung by Jackie Ward in the movie "Beach Blanket Bingo" and lip-synched by Linda Evans. The recorded version from the movie soundtrack was by Donna Loren.

    by Barbara Feldon
(on TV's "Get Smart")
    1966, label unknown

Hello Melvin
    by Sandra Gould
(the second "Mrs. Kravitts" on TV's "Bewitched")
    1964, Philips Records

Live and Learn
    by Joey Heatherton
(TV and movie actress)
    1966, Decca Records

Time Stands Still
    by Meredith MacRae
(on TV's "My Three Sons" and "Petticoat Junction")
    1966, label unknown

Till You Say You'll Be Mine
    by Olivia Newton-John
(music and movie star)
    1966, Decca Records

Dolly PartonDon't Drop Out
    by Dolly Parton
(country music and movie star)
    1966, Monument Records

Will You Care What's Hap'Nin' to Me, Baby
    by Bernadette Peters
(Broadway, TV and music)
    1966, Columbia Records

He's a Rebel
    by Vikki Carr
(music and film star)
    1962, Colpix Records

Crybaby Songs!
If the girl groups got dehydrated, here's why!


Why'd You Wanna Make Me Cry
    by Connie Stevens

Boo Hoo, Little Heart
    by Betty Logan

Tears Fall
    by Baby Washington

I Cried
    by the Bobbettes


My Last Cry
    by the Starlets

I Don't Want to Cry
    by Maureen Gray

I Couldn't Let Him See Me Crying
    by the Hearts

"The Hearts" sounded much better than "The Livers" or "The Spleens"!

My Time to Cry
    by Baby Washington


He's Crying Inside
    by the Janettes

Dry Tears
    by Ginger

Don't Cry My Soldier Boy
    by the Shondells

A Little Tear (Was Falling From My Eyes)
    by Linda Martell and the Anglos

Boo Hoo Hoo
    by the Sa-Shays

Cry Baby Cry
    by the Angels

Tear After Tear
    by the Blue Belles

Just Let Me Cry
    by Mina


4,003,221 Tears from Now
    by Kerri Downs

Queen of Tears
    by Gladys Knight and the Pips

Gladys Knight

Tears in My Eyes
    by the Fascinations

All the Way Home I Cried
    by Bernadette Carroll

Cry to Me
    by Betty Harris

Just Let Me Cry
    by Lesley Gore

Judy's Turn to Cry
    by Lesley Gore

Oops, There Goes Another Tear
    by Marcia and the Mates


Whenever a Teenager Cries
    by Reparata and the

Reparata and the Delrons

Tears of Sorrow
    by the Primettes

Raining Teardrops
    by the Demures

Cry Behind the Daisies
    by the Jaynetts

One More Tear
    by the Raindrops

One More Tear
    by Mary Ann Lorri

It's Easier to Cry
    by the Shangri-Las

Should I Cry
    by Jackie DeShannon

No More Tears
    by Lesley Gore

Why Do I Cry
    by Lisa and the Lullabies


That's When the Tears Start
    by the Blossoms

Someone Has to Cry (Why Must I)
    by Barbara Kay

Happy Tears
    by Linda and the Tears

I'll Weep for You
    by Sheila Ferguson

Tears Come Tumbling
    by the Teardrops

What Makes Little Girls Cry
    by the Victorians

One More Tear
    by Toni Mason

Run Mascara
    by the Exciters


No More Tears to Cry
    by Didi Noel

No More Tears
    by the Sweethearts

Did we miss any? Please send the title, group, and year of release:
Still Bawling!

Looking a little too coiffed for a group called "The Rag Dolls"!

Gobbledegook titles of girl-group songs:
Thanks, visitors, for providing new titles!

    by the Satin Dolls

Doot'n Dot'n Deet'n Button
    by Barbara Jo

    by the Cooperettes

Shoop Shoop De Doop Rama Lama Ding Dong Yeah Yeah Yeah
    by the Clinger Sisters

Ooh Poo Pa Doo
    by the Sisters

I Diddle Dum Dum
    by Linda Hopkins

Ditta Wa Do
    by the Vestelles

Boodely Bump
    by the Heartbreakers

    by the Calendar Girls

Ouzi Ouzi Ooh
    by the Charmettes

Ta Ta Tee Ta Ta
    by Barbara English and the Fashions

Doodle Doo Doo
    by Betty and Rose
(The Teen Queens)

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WEIRD titles of girl-group songs:
Thanks, visitors, for providing new titles!

Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)
    by Dee Dee Sharp

Funnel Of Love
    by Wanda Jackson

I'm Gonna Destroy That Boy
    by the What Fours

Peanut Duck
    by Marsha Gee

The above four songs are included in the box set Girl Group Sounds: One Kiss Can Lead to Another

I Wish I Was the Bottle
    by Connie Hall

Hey Mr. Scientist
    by Jennie Lee Lambert

Sticking Pins in a Dolly
    by Marlene Willis

I'm Blue (the Gong Gong Song)
    by the Ikettes

Wee Willie Water Dilly
    by the Keefer Sisters

The "Zonk" didn't have as big of an impact as the Twist.

So, Do the Zonk
    by Donna Loren

I'm in Love with the Ticket Taker at the Bijou Movie Theater
    by Donna Loren

The Way I Love My Baby (Milk is Milk)
    by the Smith Girls

When My Pimples Turned to Dimples
    by Jeanne Hayes

Frankie's Out on Parole
    by the La Dell Sisters

I Love Onions
    by Susan Christie

Iko Iko
    by Dixie Cups

Snowman Snowman Sweet Potato Nose
    by the Jaynetts

The Hucklebuck '65
    by the Birdies

The Car Hop with the Hard Top
    by Marcy Jo (with Eddie Rambeau)

Special Agent 34-24-38
    by Mamie Galore (Mamie Davis)

Tar and Cement
    by Verdelle Smith

Wooden Head Willie
    by the Knight Sisters

Shake Me, I Rattle
    by Marion Worth

Waddle Waddle
    by the Bracelets

The Sentence
    by Miriam Grate and the Dovers

I'm Gonna Pick Up My Toys
    by the Devonnes

Wouldn't it have been confusing if the Toys had sung I'm Gonna Pick Up My Toys?

Chicken Back
    by Sally and the Roses

The Naked Boy
    by Estelle (Bennett)

    by--who else?--Annette!

Dickie Went and Did It
The Johnny Bunny
    all by the Delicates

    by Mimi Allen

Inside O' Me
    by Honey and the Bees

Funky Wunky Piano
    by the Castanets

Swamp Water
    by the Chantels

The Chantels

Shoo Fly
    by Barbara English

Jerk It
    by the Gypsies

The Gypsies, perhaps standing in a strong wind.

Winky Dinky
    by the Jaynetts

Buttered Popcorn
    by the Supremes

Hot Spot
    by the Bronzettes

Don't Dig Twiggy
    by Barbara Windsor

Two Way Poc-A-Way
    by the Dixie Cups

I'm Me
    by Priscilla Paris

You Can't Take My Boyfriend's Woody
    by the Powder Puffs

The Screw
    by the Crystals

Crystals, beware sheet music from Phil Spector that says "Do 'the Screw'"!

Walkin' Through a Cemetery
    by Claudine Clark

Condition Red
    by the Goodees

Please Hurt Me
    by Carole King

He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)
    by the Crystals

    by Ginny Arnell

Ginny Arnell

Slop Time
    by the Sherrys

Big Honky Baby
    by Kellie Douglas

That's What They Put Erasers on Pencils For
    by the Four Jewels

Chicken Chicken Cranny Crow
    by the Jaynetts

Makin' With the Magilla
    by Little Eva

    by the Teardrops

Save a Little Monkey
    by Mary Sue Wellington

Know any other goofball girl-group songs? Please send us the title, group, and if you know it, the record label and release date. E-mail us:
Another weird song title!

Gigi & the Charmaines, not to be confused with Yolanda & the Charmaines, Gigi Parker & the Lonelies, or GiGi.

The Shirelles

The Royalettes

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Girl-Group 'Answer' Songs!
You've heard This Diamond Ring by Gary Lewis & the Playboys. Wendy Hill made (Gary, Please Don't Sell) My Diamond Ring for Liberty Records. It "bubbled under" the Billboard chart, sitting at number 111 for one week on March 20, 1965.

Gene Chandler's hit Duke of Earl was answered a few years later by the Pearlettes, who made Duchess of Earl.

Frankie Valli squalled through the vocals on Sherry with the Four Seasons, which was followed by the clever Jerry, I'm Your Sherry by Tracey Dey.

The Beatles Beat!
Think the Mersey beat crushed the girl-group sound? Well, for awhile, they coexisted happily, as proven by this list of Beatles-influenced girl-group songs, all released prior to 1966.

Ringo, I Love You
    by Bonnie Jo Mason (Cher)

Ringo Beat
    by Ella Fitzgerald (yes, that Ella!)

Bring Back My Beatles to Me
    by Bonnie Brooks

The Angels
Little Beatle Boy
    by the Angels

Bitten by the Beatle Bug
    by Annie and the Orphans

I Want the Beatles for Christmas
    by Jackie and Jill

Beatle Bop
    by Nan and Jan

Ringo Boy
    by Dori Peyton

Ringo Did It
    by Veronica Lee

I Want Ringo for Christmas
    by the Four Sisters

Beatle Bug
    by Jeanne Turnbow and the Common Bug Combo

Let's Bug the Beatles
    by Little Lady Beatles

The Beatlettes
The Fab Five? The Beatlettes had no trouble coming up with ideas for outfits and wigs.

Itty Bitty Beatles
    by Liz Johns

Bring Back the Beatles
    by Penny Baker and the Pillows

Letter to the Beatles
    by Sharon Lynn Kuhn

Ringo, I Want to Know Your Secret
    by Pat Wynter

These boots are made for the Bootles!

I'll Let You Hold My Hand
    by the Bootles

Dear Beatles
    by the Insects

Pour Mon Anniversaire Je Voudrais Un Beatle
    by Tonia

Jeg Ensker Meg En Bitte Liten Beatle
    by Anne Karine

My Boyfriend Got a Beatle Haircut
    by Donna Lynn

Yes, You Can Hold My Hand
    by the Teen Bugs

All I Want For Christmas is a Beatle
    by Dora Bryan

I Want a Beatle for Christmas
    by Becky Beck

Bring Me a Beatle for Christmas
    by Cinda Rella

The Boy with the Beatle Hair
    by the Swans

We Love You,

    by the Carefrees

Beatle Meets a Lady Bug
    by Paula Lamont

Santa Bring Me Ringo
    by Christine Hunter

Ringo Bells
    by Three Blond Mice

    by the Starlettes

I Want to Kiss Ringo Goodbye
    by Penny Valentine

Who Can I Believe
    by the Beatle Maids

The Vernon Girls got to sit on the Beatles' laps--and you didn't! (Click on image to see it larger)

It's Super to be a Single!

Several girl-group songs have been remade and were hits by later artists. Here's a list of hit singles that were originally girl-group songs.

Single:I Can't Let Go
Covered by: Linda Ronstadt, 1980
Original artist: Evie Sasnds, 1965

Single:Tell Him
Covered by: Linda Ronstadt, 1982
Original artist: The Exciters, 1963

Single:Anyone Who Has a Heart
Covered by: Linda Ronstadt, 1994
Original artist: Dionne Warwick, 1963

Single: You Keep Me Hanging On
Covered by: Vanilla Fudge, 1968
Original artist: The Supremes, 1966

Single: Go Now
Covered by: Moody Blues, 1965
Original artist: Bessie Banks, 1964

Single: You've Made Me So Very Happy
Covered by: Blood, Sweat & Tears, 1969
Original artist: Brenda Holloway, 1966

The Crystals
Single: He Hit Me and It Felt Like a Kiss
Covered by: The Motels, 1982
Original artist: The Crystals, 1962

Single: Maybe I Know
Covered by: They Might Be Giants, 1999
Original artist: Lesley Gore, 1964

Single: Chains
Covered by: The Beatles, 1964
Original artist: The Cookies, 1962

Single: Baby It's You
Covered by: The Beatles, 1963
Original artist: The Shirelles, 1961

Single: Boys
Covered by: The Beatles, 1964
Original artist: The Shirelles, 1960

Single: Dedicated to the One I Love
Covered by: The Mamas and the Papas, 1967
Original artist: The Shirelles, 1959, 1961

Single: Break-A-Way
Covered by: Tracey Ullmann, 1984
Original artist: Irma Thomas, 1964

Single: Bobbie's Girl
Covered by: Tracey Ullmann, 1984
Original artist: Marcie Blane, 1962

Single: Tainted Love
Covered by: Soft Cell, 1982
Marilyn Manson, 2001
Original artist: Gloria Jones, 1964

Single: I Only Want to Be With You
Covered by: Nicolette Larson, 1982
Original artist: Dusty Springfield, 1964

Single: Back in My Arms Again
Covered by: Nicolette Larson, 1979
Original artist: The Supremes, 1965

Single: Take Me in Your Arms
Covered by: The Doobie Brothers, 1975
Original artist: Kim Weston, 1965

Single: The Boy from New York City
Covered by: Manhattan Transfer, 1981
Original artist: The Ad-Libs, 1965

Single: Dancing in the Street
Covered by: Van Halen, 1982
Original artist: Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, 1964

Single: Da Doo Ron Ron
Covered by: Shaun Cassidy, 1977
Original artist: The Crystals, 1963

Single: Heat Wave
Covered by: Linda Ronstadt, 1975
Original artist: Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, 1963

Single: Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)
Covered by: Cher, 1991
Original artist: Betty Everett, 1964

Single: The Locomotion
Covered by: Grand Funk Railroad, 1974
Original artist: Little Eva, 1962

Single: Please Mr. Postman
Covered by: The Beatles, 1966
The Carpenters, 1976
Original artist: The Marvelettes, 1962

Single: Remember (Walkin' in the Sand)
Covered by: Aerosmith, 1980
Original artist: The Shangri-Las, 1964

Single: You Can't Hurry Love
Covered by: Phil Collins, 1982
Original artist: The Supremes, 1966

There were many more girl-group songs that were album tracks. Want to know more? You can look up your favorite artist or song title at The Covers Project.

Cross my Cross-My-Heart bra and hope to sing: Martha and the Vandellas

Did the Crystals tour in that gas-guzzlin' stationwagon?

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