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Girl Groups and Singers!

Here are more of the 750-plus girl groups and solo singers who had the sound between 1960-1966 on the U.S. and U.K. charts. Some were one-hit wonders that never made the national charts or got national attention. Some had regional or even local hits. Also included here are a few from other countries besides the U.S. and U.K.

Special thanks to
Steve Parker, of New Hampshire, who provided extensive information and voluntarily conducted countless hours of research for this list.

If you have information on any of these artists and groups, please e-mail us at Add to the Girl-Groups list. Please provide as much information as possible: name of group/singer and song, year released, label, etc.

Girl groups often chose names that mimicked other names. They are categorized here by "types."


The Bon Bons
The Lollipops
The Sugar Buns
The Sugar Cakes
The Sugar Lumps
The Sugar Plums


The Angelettes
The Arvettes
The Belgianettes
The Blondettes
The Candlettes
The Choralettes
The Coquettes
The Duettes
The Dynettes
The Fashionettes
The Four Calquettes
The Gaylettes
The Gongettes
The Janettes
The Jogettes
The Lornettes
The Marionettes
The Otisettes
The Pacettes
The Pearlettes
The Philettes
The Ramblettes
The Ravenettes
The Rhythmettes
The Serenadetts
The Sharlets
The Starettes
The Starlets
The Starlettes
The Stylettes
The Surfettes
The Suzettes
The Teenettes
The Tonettes
The Tracettes
    (early Dixiebelles)
The Twilettes


The Beau-Belles
The Belles
The Castells
The Chanels
The Chantrelles
The Charmels
    (the later Dixiebelles
    on Stax Records)
The Chevelles
    (not the male group
    of the same name)
The Dynels
The Donnels
The LaRells
The Liberty Belles
The Mission Belles
The Montells
The Myrtelles
The Santells
The Satin Bells
The School Belles
The Silver Belles
The Singing Belles
The Sydells
The Three Belles


The Azaleas
The Birdies
Birds of a Feather
The Cherries
The Corals
The Daisies
The Kittens
The Ladybugs
The Little Foxes
The Pussycats
The Robins
    (not the male group)
The Rosebuds
The Sea Larks
The Whippoorwills


The Baby Dolls
    (aka Rosie's Baby Dolls)
The Bow Ribbons
The Cheerleaders
    (aka The Cheer Leaders)
The Chicks
The Co-Eds
The Darlenes
The Daughters of Eve
The Debs
The Four Duchesses
The Four Queens
The Gayles
The Good Girls
The Ladybirds
The Hollywood Chicks
The Paper Dolls
The Playgirls
The Royal Debs
The Schoolgirls
The Society Girls
Surfer Girls
The Tiaras


The Bitter Sweets
The Candy Dates
The Candy Stripes
The Candies
The Honey-Duo Twins
The Honeybirds
The Sweet Delights
The Sweets
The Sweethearts
    (5 releases on 3
    different labels; maybe
    many groups had this
The Sweet Tymes
The Valentines


The Allen Sisters
The Amber Sisters
The Ammons Sisters
The Angel Sisters
The Arnold Sisters
The Austin Sisters
The Baker Sisters
The Baker Twins
The Barry Sisters
The Beverly Sisters
The Bey Sisters
The Brice Sisters
The Brigidi Sisters
The Brother Sisters
The Burton Sisters
The Cannon Sisters
The Capri Sisters
The Carmel Sisters
The Castle Sisters
The Crampton Sisters
The Darby Sisters
The Dawn Sisters
The DeJohn Sisters
The Della Sisters
The DePippo Sisters
The DeVille Sisters
The Dispoto Sisters
The Dowdle Sisters
The Gee Sisters
The Half-Sisters
The Hames Sisters
The Hunt Sisters
The Kaye Sisters
The Kane Triplets
The Keefer Sisters
The Kim Sisters
The LaDell Sisters
The Leverett Sisters
The Nagel Sisters
The Peretti Sisters
The Silver Sisters
The Sisters
    (L.A.-based Hispanic
The Smith Girls
The Soul Sisters
The Star Sisters
The Starr Sisters
The Tracey Twins
The Wilson Sisters

Know Anything About These?
Here are some singers and groups we're researching to see if they're part of the girl-group sound of 1960-1966. If you know anything, please email us: Girl Groups List

Marian Angel
Sharon Arnold
Janie Black
Jane Bowman
Judy Brown
Roma Capris
Claudia Cari
Thelma Carpenter
Shirley Caughan
Helen Chance
The Chanteers
Clairette Clementino
or Clairette Clementine
The Corlettes
The Creel Sisters
Glenna Dene and
    the Rock-Its
The Deltas
The Dream Girls
Joanne Engle
Shirley Field
Audrey Garrett
Jil Gibson
The Glitters
Joni Gordon
The Hairnets
Linda Hamilton
(not the actress)
Suzy Hope
Jamie and Jane
Barbara Jean
Rosemary June
Linda and Roberta
Margie and the
Sandra Lee
Marsha Lytell
Marry Mann
Mary Pastor
Linda Perell
Judee Persia
The Petite Teens
Mery Petti
The Portraits
Donna Prima
The Prizes
Judy Proctor
Renee Roberts
The Sharonettes
The Simpson Sisters
Susan Singer
Neva Small
Jennie Smith
Linda Star and
    the Starlets
Sherry Starlyn
Debbie Stevens
Geraldine Stevens
Elsie Strong
Sylvia Syms
Patty Surbey
The Tensionsettes
Terry and the Kittens
Karen Wells and
    the Black Knights
The Wemaretttes

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(Listed by first name)

Angel and the Devines
Angela and the Fans
Anita and th' So-and-So's
Barbara and the Browns
Barbara and the Uniques
Becki and the Lollipops
Bette Renne and the Thrillettes
Beverley Jones and the
Bobbi and the Beaus
Candy and the Corals
    (same as the Corals?)
Candy and the Sweets
Carol Bennett and the
Cindy and the Playmates
Connie and the Cones
Debbie and the Darnels
    (not the Darnells)
Evelyn Dell and the
Fern and the Aprils
Ginger and the Adorables
Ginger and the Chiffons
Ginny and the Gallions
Inez Andrews and the
Jeanne and the Darlings
Jeanne and the Vallmonts
Janice and the Rubys
Janit and the Jays
Jean Meadows and the
Joanie Taylor and the Tabs
Joann Bon and the
Judy and the Affections
Kathy Lynn and the
    (the Buena Vistas)
Kimberly and the Tarriers
Lady Fox and the
Letta and the Safaris
Linda Carr and the
Linda and the Epics
Linda Lane and the Sinners
Little Natalie (& Henry)
    and the Gifts
Liza and the Jet Set
Lorry Raine and the
    Four Quarters
Lynn and the Mersey
Margo and the Marvettes
Maria and the
Marilyn Lodge and the
Melinda and the Misfits
Noreen Baskerville and the
Norma Brock and the Keynoters
Patti and the XLs
Pearlean Gray and the
Ria and the Revellons
Rose St. John and the Wonderettes
Roxy and the Daychords
Sandy and the Cupids
Sari and the Shalimars
Shari Drake and the Vernonaires
Sheila Carter and Episode Six
Shelley Shoop and the
Shirley and the Squires
Shirley and the
Shirley Caddell and the
Sonya and the Sensations
Stephanie and the Gothics
Sugar and the Spice
Susan and the Dynamics
Susan and the 4 Trumpets
Suzanne and the
Suzi and the Requesters
Tabby Calvin and the
Tammy and the Carolinas
Terri and the Kittens
Tina Cairo and the
Tina and the Mexicans
Tina and the Mustangs
Venita and the Cherries
Wendy and the Schoolgirls
Witches and the Warlock


The Accents
The Antoinettes
The Antwinettes
The Beas
The Beat-Chics
The Bennetts
The Bobbsey Twins
The Brightones
The Buena Vistas
The Buttons
The Callicoats
The Carefrees
The Carols
The Castanets
The Celestials
The Callicoats
The Chanteurs
The Chatters
The Chymes
Cindy and Sue
The Coanjos
The Contessas
The Cray-ons
The Curtain Calls
The Daydreams
The Debs
The Deb-Tones
The Dedications
Dee and Di
The Delltones
The De Vaurs
The Dimples
    (may be more than one
    group with this name)
The Dories
The Dreamliners
The Dreams
The Dream-timers
The Dreamtones
The Elements
The Five Channels
Four J's
The Genies
    (not the male group
    of the same name)
The Glories
The Heart Beats
The Heartbreakers
The Holidays
    (The Andantes?)
The Houstons
The Ivories
Jan and Kelly
The Joys
The Kays
The Knick-Knacks
The Lasalles
The Lanas
Lashell and the Shellettes
Les Surfs
Libby and Sue
Linda and Roberta
The Lockets
The Loreleis
    (a black soul group,
    not the white group of
    the same name in the 50s)
The Loved Ones
The Mamsellers
The Marshmellows
The Melodears
The Monotones
    (not much of a selling
    name, huh? Not the male
    group of the same name)
The Musics
Penny and Jean
The Petites
The Pixies
    (not the Pixies Three)
The PJs
The Pristines
The Promises
Quiet Elegance
The Results
Rick, Robin and Him
The Riels
Ronnie and Lynda
The Russells
Ruth and Sherry
The Sables
Sam's Friends
The Sandpapers
    (who thought of
    that name?)
The Sanshers
The Scotties
The Sensationals
The Shannons
The Sharmeers
The Short Cuts
The Sierras
The Sillaways
The Souvenirs
The Stockingtops
The Student Nurses
The Swe-Danes
The Sweet Nuthin's
The Tassels
The Teen Bugs
Terry and Peggy
The Three Graces
The Three Rays
The Three Teens
The Threeteens
    (not the Three Teens)
The Tip-Tops
The Two-Notes
The Utopias
The Velveteens
The Watesians
The Whispering Winds


(Listed in alphabetical order by last name, except when whole name appears to be a first and middle name)

Barbara Acklin
Edna Jean Adams
Adrienne Allen
Rosalie Alter
Nancy Ames
Ruby Andrews
Patti Austin
Diane Bailey
Vicki Baines
Barbara Banks
Becky Lee Beck
Minzi Berry
Panda Berry
Betty Jean
Babbity Blue
Jacki Bond
Bette Booth
Marsha Brody
    (not to be confused
    with Marcia Brady)
Friday Brown
Bonnie Brooks
Bonny Brooks
Dora Bryan
Julie Budd
Beverly Buff
Jan Burnette
Ann Byers
Shirley Caddell
Christine Campbell
Ethna Campbell
JoAnn Campbell
Penny Candy
Susan Capone
Mona Carol
Georgia Carr
Linda Carr
Toni Carroll
Jamie Carter
Pearline Caesar
Maria Celia
Jean Chaepl
Dany Chandelle
    (of the Ladybirds)
Barbara Chandler
Elaine Charles
Susan Christie
Becky Clark
Judy Clay
Suzie Clark
Alma Cogan
Shayne Cogan
Ann Cole
Candy Cole
Cindy Cole
Bobbie Collins
Glenda Collins
Becky Cooper
Christine Cooper
Marie Cooper
Suzy Cope
Vivian Copeland
Lyn Cornell
Carol Crane
Linda Cumbo
Lindy Curtis

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Shelley Dane
Dottie Daniels
Florraine Darlin
Lorrie Darnell
Jane Darwen
Kim Davies
Brendetta Davis
Laurie Davis
Maxine Davis
Diana Dawn
Darlene Day
Billie Daye
Carolyn Daye
Terri Dean
Fern Dee
Mary Dee
Carol Deene
Gloria Dennis
Debra Dion
Dee Dee Dorety
Cally Dodd
Dee Don
Debbie Dovale
Kerri Downs
Julie Driscoll
Lesley Duncan
Barbara Evans
Kay Evans
Maureen Evans
Flo Fay
Tina Ferra
Mary Ann Fisher
Miss Ann Fleming
Zena Foster
Barbara Foy
Saundra Franklin
Connie Freed
Audrey Freeman
Mamie Galore
Nita Garfield
Merlene Garner
Kelly Garrett
Paula Gay
Barbie Gaye
Sandra Gould
Bonnie Graham
Lynda Graham
Jerri Granger
Pearline Gray
Betty Green
Barbara Greene
Brenda Hall
Connie Hall
Dora Hall
Linda Hall
Sheila Hancock
Faye Hardin
Anita Harris
Jennell Hawkins
Anne Haye
Ann Henry
Sally Ann Higgins
Elaine Hill
Tutti Hill
Wendy Hill
Connie Holiday
Lynn Holland
Linda Hopkins
Jan Howard
Christine Hunter
Shirley Jackson
    (not the writer)
Carol Jarvis
Pat Jarvis
Kathy Jay
Norma Jean
Vanda Jenkins
Patti Jerome
Dolores Johnson
Betsy Jones
Brenda Jones
Jill Jones
Letha Jones
Linda Jones
Samantha Jones
Salena Jones
Tamiko Jones
Marva Josie
Arlene Joy
Samantha Juste
Beatrice Kay
Sally Kelly
Kathy Keegan
Joyce Kennedy
Rainma Kerr
Kathy Kirby
Lisa Kirk
Karen Lake
Jennie Lee Lambert
Paula Lamont
Sue Landers
Kitty Lane
Vicky Lane
Perpetual Langley
Camile LaVah
Miss La Vell
Sandy Layne
Beatrice Lee
Lady Lee
Sherry Lee
Donna Leeann
Norma Leon
Laura Leslie
Leanne Leyden
Mia Lewis
Little Cheryl
Little Ellen
Mary Ann Lorri
Katie Love
Nancy Love
Barbara Lynn
Donna Lynn
Georgia Lynn
Sandra Lynn
Susan Lynne
Jackie Lynton
Barbara Lyons
Rose Maddox
Marti Mae
Siv Malmquist
Cindy Malone
Margaret Mandolph
Myrna March
Beryl Marsden
Netti Marsh
Millicent Martin
Lori Martin
Ann Mason
Mitzi Mason
Barbara Massey
Linda Matheny
Diane Maxwell
Holly Maxwell
Susan Maughan
(Big) Maybelle
    (well known in the 1950s
    but might have had a
    girl-group release in
    the 1960s)
Linda Mackay
Sheila McKinley
Patty McCoy
Maisie McDaniels
Darlene McKinney
Betty McLaurin
Sharon McMann/McMahon/
Barbara Mercer
Judi Miller
Sunny Monday
Louisa Mortilla
Jenny Moss
Metrogene Myles
Patsy Ann Noble
Mally Page
Mayalta Page
Argia Patrice
Barbara Paul
Darlene Paul
Rita Pavone
Sue Perrin
Jacqueline Peters
Lorry Peters
Esther Phillips
    ("Little Esther")
Adrienne Poster
Polly Puppet
Nicole Quasee
Janice Rado
Linda Rae
Sherry Ray
Ramona Reed
Cinda Rella
Ann Richards
Janet Richmond
Norma Rivers
Ruby Roberson
Ruth Robin
Sherril Roecker
Cloda Rogers
Cherry Roland
Mimi Roman
Teena Roman
Judy Ryland
Mary Saenz
Mary Sawrey
Mary Saxton
Sylvia Saynt
Cathy Savoy
Chyvonne Scott
Michelle Scotti
Sandy Selsie
Beverly Shaffer
Pippy Shannon
Anne Shelton
Dani Sheridan
Charity Shayne
Shandi Shore
Ann Sidney
Mary Silvers
Pauline Shivers
Joan Sims
Hedy Sontag
Sheila Southern
Dorothy Squires
Cheryl St. Clair
Bobbi Staff
January Star
Maxine Starr
Nina Stern
Angela Strange
Linda Strangis
Debra Swisher
Debbie Taylor
Gerri Taylor
Sandee Taylor
Cheryle Thompson
Bertha Tillman
Eleanor Toner
Tina Tott
Joanne Touchstone
Mary Jo Trape
Diana Trask
Annette Tucker
Penny Valentine
Ila Van
Vashti (Bunyan)
Carol Vega
Vi Velasco
Beverly Warren
Doris Webb
Ann Weldon
Dodie West
Louisa Jane White
Mary Lee Whitney
Beverly Williams
Juanita Williams
Tawny Williams
Marlene Willis
Linda Wilson
Naomi Wilson
Sue Winford
Barbara Windsor
Anita Woods
Priscilla Wright
Dee Dee Young
Alpha Zoe

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